*Studies have shown that consuming

probiotics aided in weight loss even

on a high-fat diet.

- Weight loss assistance*

- Protein/muscle synthesis

- Acne prevention

That's why we call our Probiotic Cheese


The word “probiotics” literally means “for life,” and has been defined by the World Health Organization as micro-organisms which, when consumed, confer health benefits. While certain probiotics have been and continue to be studied for particular health benefits, probiotics are generally recognized for offering digestive and immune function support.

*Contains negligible amounts of these substances

Move Over Yogurt!

Our cheese contains additional probiotics added after pasteurization. Try cheese instead of yogurt for a food that is:


But There's More!

In addition to generally regulating
your digestive tract and overall
health, probiotics are thought to
​provide additional benefits:

- Skin protection from sun damage

      For us, the success of THE PROBIOTIC CHEESE COMPANY is more than just the creation of a thriving cheese business. It is our heart, our passion and the true belief that we all can become healthier and happier human beings by eating naturally nutritious foods.

      We wanted to make our probiotic cheese, made from pasteurized milk, a new healthier snack for children, pregnant women, diabetics and athletes. Basically for anyone that is interested in healthy food and becoming more fit; thus we call our probiotic cheese “THE NEW FIT FOOD”!

      Cheese is a nearly perfect food, but it has lost most of its natural immune benefits due to pasteurization. By using nature’s own way of enhancing our immune system, we are reintroducing the health benefits of live cultures ​jnto our delicious probiotic cheese.

      In bringing together the medical knowledge of Mark. R. Windt, MD and the business expertise of Roxanne Barnes, MBA...and our shared love of cheese...we feel that THE PROBIOTIC CHEESE COMPANY begins a new revolution in health with the introduction of our first probiotic cheese. We truly thank everyone who is helping us to achieve this exciting goal! 

- Allergy and asthma protection

Our PROBIOTIC CHEDDAR CHEESE BITES were featured on The Dr. Oz Show!

​Dr. Oz named our cheese one of three new probiotic products THAT WORK and that you are going to want to try. Click below to watch the clip on the Dr. Oz site.

Naturally sugar free

Naturally carbohydrate free

Naturally free of trans fat

A natural, high-quality source of protein

Naturally gluten free*

Naturally lactose free*

Naturally probiotic, with additional cultures added


- More effects being studied every             day!